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White Gum Apples/Harcourt Apple Juice

Thursday, April 12, 2012 — Goldfields, Juices, Producers, Profiles, Vinegar

What is it about central Victoria that makes it produce such flavourful fruit? Simon and Vicki Frost, owners of White Gum Apples, know the area’s quality produce well, having been juice makers since purchasing the business from original owners Neil and Leanne Norris in 2002. They produce Harcourt Apple Juice and bottle the fresh, seasonal flavour of Harcourt Valley fruits in their juices.

The traditional cold pressing methods used by Simon and Vicki in their apple juice production provides authentic, fresh apple juice. No concentrate is required – it really is 100% apple juice. The cold press method involves crushing, pressing and further chilling already cold apples. The apple juice is comprised of a blend of apple varieties, lending the juice a unique and unrivalled taste, with no two bottles of juice tasting alike.

Simon and Vicki also produce a lovely pear juice, as well as apple cider and pear cider vinegar, made from Harcourt Valley’s best fruit.


More Information:
Simon and Vicki Frost
8795 Midland Hwy, Barkers Creek
(03) 5474 2483



Details –
Organic, biodynamic

Produce –
Juice and vinegar

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